269 El Camino Real South San Francisco, CA 94083
Also Visit: Boracay Garden
(650) 871 - 8644 | Fax: 650-871-8623
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Rochelle M.
Pacifica, CA

My favorite spot to go when craving for some really good Filipino food.

Customer service here is always good, the times I have been they are always accommodating and friendly.

The food is delish! The Kare Kare is yummy and when you ask they add extra sauce. The Sisig is also pretty darn good. Their Boracay shake (pina colada) is addicting, I always get this drink when I'm here and their mango shake is also pretty good.

I definitely recommend this place for yummy Filipino food at decent prices.

Jade M.
Daly City, CA

Great food & service. After reading some of the reviews, I guess I'm fortunate enough to always be helped by the wife of the owner. She's very nice & always accommodating. The owner seems grumpy so I'm glad the wife has always taken our order. Whenever I go, I order the calamansi juice which is perfectly tart and sweet. The Aristocrat Fried Chicken is always on point. It's tender, juicy, & crispy. I like it better than Max's chicken. The sinigang is just how I like it...piping hot & tart! The bangus sisig is delicious! All their desserts are very good. I've tried them all too.
I go during off peak times so getting a table is never an issue.
I'll definitely be back!

suz p.
Pacifica, CA

Absolutely the best home style authentic filipino food ever! The crispy pata is to die for, extra light crispy skin and the meat is beyond moist and tender. All dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients, the pancit equal amounts of fresh vegetables and chicken meat. The accompanying sauces perfect. The bibinka is perfect, fresh scraped coconut topping. Crab fried rice is delicate and flavorful. Service excellent! Maria is a wonderful hostess, all the waitresses are sweet and efficient, truly a special family style gem of a restaurant! My whole family loves this place!

David S.
San Jose, CA

I come all the way from San Jose to SF just for kare kare... Seriously i know you can get kare kare anywhere in san jose but like its not as good as like in boracay. Definitely worth the traffic and drive lol

Ben W.
Springfield, VA

The Sisig is incredible!! Unlike some restaurants that put a bunch of junk like organ meat in their sisig, Boracay Grill uses high-quality pork butt. The seasoning is perfect and a small amount of chopped jalepeno adds just a little heat. Calamansi juice is the perfect beverage to wash it down with. The staff friendly and efficient and the restaurant was spotless. I definitely will return.